A message from the Dean

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Epiphany Association
Epiphany Association

To introduce this remarkable post-graduate program featuring in-depth spiritual formation for laity, clergy, and religious, I want to emphasize the importance of fostering in ourselves and others receptivity to a Higher Power by whatever name we address this mystery in fidelity to our own belief system. We foster such receptivity for the sake of giving form in a wise, wholesome, prudent, and productive way to our life at home, in the workplace, and in the community at large.


Spiritual formation, or to use our preferred term “formative spirituality,” facilitates our openness to the transcendent dimension of life while enhancing our uniquecommunal participation in every aspect of personal and shared responsibility.


The following seven elements of spiritual formation are essential to the Epiphany Certification Program (ECP):


  • Reflection - An appreciation for and a practice of silence, stilling, taking time for reflection, praying quietly alone or with others as the situation demands.
  • Reading - Faith deepening through reading, discussing, and studying scripture and the masters.
  • Mentoring - Setting a good example, witnessing to the truth, and trusting in the “trickle down” effect from leaders to listeners.
  • Storytelling - Passing on the cumulative wisdom of one generation to the next by relating, for example, historical events that may edify and inspire newcomers.
  • Recreating - Setting aside special times for more relaxed togetherness with one another.
  • Retreat - Going off to a quiet place for more intimate contact with God for the sake of remaining faithful to our call.
  • Balance - Allowing for the possibility of the right rhythms of labor and leisure, creative output and time for assessment.


In fidelity to this awesome task, I invite you to consider this unique, life-transforming program,


Yours truly,