Foundations of Christian Formation

Formation Theology Series

Volume I


This volume marks the start of how to apply the findings in Volumes One to Seven of the Formative Spirituality Series (1989-1995) to an understanding of human and Christian growth over the entire developmental course of our life.

Years from now this Summa will be seen as a pivotal volume in the emergence of a fresh and profound convergence of theology and biology. Adrian van Kaam and Susan Muto have steadfastly illuminated the formative perspective for over a quarter of a century. Current scientific discoveries are revealing to us that the workings of God's universe pose a formative mystery that conforms to van Kaam's empirical formation science. The Christian faith tradition owes these co-authors profound gratitude for posing our theological formation tradition in a light consonant with new scientific discoveries in biology and complexity.


Adrian van Kaam and Susan Muto

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Formation Theology Series
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May, 2004
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Epiphany Association