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Epiphany Association

The Journal of Formation Science, Anthropology, and Theology


An annual publication of the Epiphany Association's advanced study program in formative spirituality. Its aim is to prepare scholars, teachers, and practitioners in this new field, originally initiated by Adrian van Kaam. His ecumenical theology of the ongoing transformation of life and world, as taught in the Epiphany Certification Program (ECP), is rooted in the scriptures, in ecclesial formation doctrines, and in the classics of experiential human and Christian formation theology. His unique approach to formation theology includes the pre- and prototheological disciplines of experiential formation science and formation anthropology. They enable students in our programs as well as our readers to clarify and synthesize the compatible classical wisdom of the transcendent formation efforts of humanity over the ages. The goal of our ecumenical approach is to serve respectfully the formative, reformative, and transformative healing of wounded cosmos and humanity. The Epiphany Association is dedicated, therefore, to fostering the transformation of life and world in fidelity to each person's unique communal life call as disclosed by the mystery over a lifetime.



Susan Muto, PhD


International Board of Editors

Br. Romeo Bonsaint, SC, PhD . . . . . . . . North America East

Fr. Patrick Deegan, MA. . . . . . . . . Great Britain

Beatus A. B. Kitururu, PhD . . . . . . . . East Africa

Fr. Young Sik (Paul) Jung, MA . . . . . . . . South Korea

Fr. Albert Kuuire, S.T.D., PhD  . . . . . . . . West Africa

Fr. Xavier Manavath, C.M.F., PhD. . . . . . . . . India

Rev. Stephen Martyn, PhD.  . . . . . . . . NorthAmerica Southeast

Sr. Sharon Richardt, DC, PhD . . . . . . . . NorthAmerica Midwest

Fr. Robert Stewart, OFM, MA  . . . . . . . . South Africa

Fr. Michael Whelan, SM, PhD  . . . . . . . . Australia


Publication Manager 

Mary Lou Perez


Business Manager

Vicki L. Bittner


Manuscript Information

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be 12 to 15 pages in length, typewritten and double spaced. All material is subject to editorial revision. The opinions and views of contributing authors are not necessarily those of the editors. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is May of each calendar year. Send your manuscript to:


Epiphany International: The Journal of Formation Science, Anthropology, and Theology

c/o Dr. Susan Muto

820 Crane Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216-3050


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Subscription Information

Epiphany International is published annually on-line in the autumn of each calendar year. All business correspondence should be sent to Publication Manager, Epiphany Association, 820 Crane Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216- 3050 U.S.A. Checks are payable to the Epiphany Association in UNITED STATES currency, (credit card, check, or money order). Issues not received must be claimed within six months of publication date.



 $15.00 per issue. Adobe .PDF FORMAT  2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 issues now available.

Call the Epiphany Office at: 412-341-7494 or Toll Free 1-877-324-6873 to purchase.