Dynamics of Spiritual Direction

Readers of this book will benefit from insights and findings culled from the body of work that constitutes the growing field of formative spirituality. The Spirit, having granted us undeservedly the knowledge provided by formation science, anthropology, and theology, may use these pages to initiate changes in our lives that will shed more light on the entire process of human and Christian maturation. The work begun here will continue to be enriched and expanded at the Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality. What we teach is tested in reality by our faculty members, students, and graduates, working in many different centers of research, teaching, and practice.

Ponders techniques of self–discovery and paths of emergence in dialogue with the latest findings relevant to formation from the fields of counseling and spiritual direction in private and in common. This book is a must for all who seek to find ways to live in fidelity to our divinely guided call, vocation, and avocation.

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January, 2004
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Epiphany Association