Dr. Susan Muto

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Epiphany Association

Susan Muto, PhD, (1942-    ), co-founder and executive director of the Epiphany Association, is a native of Pittsburgh, a renowned speaker, author, teacher, and Dean of the Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality.
A single lay woman living her vocation in the world and doing full-time, church-related ministry in the Epiphany Association, she has led conferences, seminars, workshops, and institutes throughout the world. Professor Muto received her PhD in English literature from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972, where she specialized in the work of post-Reformation spiritual writers and wrote her dissertation on "The Symbolism of Evil in John Milton's Paradise Lost."
After a successful career in the field of journalism she accepted Father Adrian van Kaam's invitation to become the assistant director of his Institute at Duquesne University. Beginning in 1966, she served in various administrative positions at the then Institute of Man, later the Institute of Formative Spirituality (IFS). There she initiated an unprecedented six semester cycle of courses in the ancient, medieval, and modern literature of spirituality and taught as a full professor in its programs. She edited its journals, Envoy, Humanitas, and Studies in Formative Spirituality and served as its director from 1981 to 1988.
An expert in the field of formative spirituality, she teaches courses on an adjunct basis at many schools, seminaries, and centers of higher learning. She aims in her teaching, writing, and research to integrate the life of prayer and presence with professional ministry and in-depth formation in the home, the church, and the marketplace. In faithfulness to the principles of Father Adrian's original approach to faith and formation, she addresses in her body of work the contemporary needs of laity, clergy, and religious.
As editor of Epiphany Connexions, Epiphany Inspirations, and Epiphany International, as a frequent contributor to scholarly and popular journals, and as herself the author and co-author of over thirty books, Dr. Muto keeps up to date with the latest developments in her field. In fact, her many books on formative reading of Scripture and the masters are considered to be premier introductions to the basic, classical art and discipline of spiritual formation and its systematic, comprehensive, formation theology. She lectures nationally and internationally on the treasured wisdom of the Judeo-Christian faith and formation tradition and on many foundational facets of living human and Christian values in today's world.
Professor Muto holds membership in numerous honorary organizations and has received many distinctions for her work, including a Doctor of Humanities degree from King’s College in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.