Associate Membership

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Epiphany Association


Epiphany  Associates form a world wide loosely structured support community enabling all members to find spiritual sustenance and the joy of companionship in the Lord many seek.
The Associates form a connectedness throughout the world.  We communicate through twice yearly newsletters and daily prayer.


Dear Friend of Epiphany:

    This letter will serve both as an invitation to you and as an explanation of what Associate Membership in Epiphany offers and entails. Through this affiliation we are forming a network of people around the country and around the world who are committed to living in their everyday familial, social, and professional lives, the Judeo-Christian values and the deep spirituality such conversion of heart entails. Our Associates understand from experience the immense worth in God’s eyes of respect for one another’s faith tradition while sharing what we have in common in our formation traditions.

    Affiliation with Epiphany means that you will share with like-minded others a vision of and a commitment to ongoing in-depth spiritual formation. As an Epiphany Associate, it is assumed that you will do all that you can in your circle of family members, friends, and colleagues, parishes and congregations to make the connection in heart, mind, and will between what you believe and how you live.

    Associates are expected to practice their faith and to encourage others to do likewise by the quality of their presence to the Lord and by their love for spiritual reading and meditative reflection, prayer, and contemplation, silence, and action. Associates agree therefore, to study and to express in their day to day lives the basic truths of spiritual deepening taught by classical faith and formation traditions, and by the art and discipline of foundational formative spirituality.

    Specifically, membership in the Epiphany Association:

∙    will guarantee your access to Epiphany Connexions, the online newsletter we publish to enhance our commitment to formative spirituality, to keep you up to date with the programs we sponsor and the formational events available to you under the auspices of our Epiphany Academy in Pittsburgh and its affiliates in Indianapolis, Indiana and Dublin, Ireland.

∙    will entitle you to receive a fifteen percent (15%) discount on all books, video and audio resources.

∙    will place you on our permanent mailing list to receive program brochures and other important mailings along with our Advent and Lenten “Letters of Reflection” and many other benefits.

    In regard to our commitment to foster ongoing spiritual formation, Associates:

∙    will be asked to pray daily for their own and one another’s needs, utilizing, as often as possible, our Epiphany prayer:

        Thank you, Lord for this new day in which you call me to be an epiphany of your care and concern. Radiate your presence through me in my family, in my places of labor and leisure. Give me grace to meet you in the sacrament of everydayness. Let me share in the beauty of your hidden life in Nazareth. When I fail, let me experience in joy your forgiveness in which I am immersed always, everywhere. Teach me to turn obstacles and failure, benefits and successes into formation opportunities. Strengthen my commitment to be a manifestation of your love and tender mercy. Amen.

Further, Epiphany Associates:

∙    will be encouraged to talk about the need to grow in spiritual maturity in family and parish life and to celebrate in whatever way they can the founding purpose and vision of the Epiphany Association: to foster the spiritual formation of life and world for the sake of dedicating oneself more wholeheartedly to one’s familial, professional, and social commitments.

∙    will be on the priority mailing list to attend the yearly Epiphany Life Formation Academy (ELFA) retreats to be conducted by informed and Christ-formed facilitators in the field of formative spirituality. These gatherings will be occasions for us to meet one another for the first time or to renew our friendship, to pray together, to share our faith, and to enjoy the grace of spiritual repletion.

∙    will be urged to share with interested others belonging to their denomination what a difference the Epiphany mission and ministry has made in our understanding of graced formation, reformation, and transformation; in our sense of appreciation for spiritual ecumenism and the common concerns we have for the teaching of the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, the evangelical counsels of obedience, poverty and chastity, the virtues of faith, hope, and charity, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    Should you decide to accept this heartfelt invitation to become an  Epiphany Associate, would you please take a moment to call us toll free at 1-877-324-6873. The annual dues of $25.00 for one year or $40.00 for two years will be charged to your credit card. This will entitle you to a 15% discount on most Epiphany resources. In this way we will acknowledge the new bonds of love, light, and life between us as we strive, with the help of grace, to live the “Epiphany of the Spirit” wherever God places us.