Angel Campaign

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Donor Appeal



We are badly in need of boosting our endowment funds for the Epiphany Association over the next five years. We are seeking 50 people who can pledge $2,000 per year for that period. We call them in prayer our "Epiphany Angels." Might you be one of them? If so, please call us on our toll-free line: 877-324-6873. "Little Angel" donations of any amount are also deeply appreciated. The official registration and financial information of the Epiphany Association may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.


The Epiphany Academy is to date the only research and publication center of its kind in the world. Its mission is to build a body of work in support of the science, anthropology, and theology initiated by Father Adrian van Kaam, CSSp, PhD, in Holland in 1944. While enduring the horror of Nazi Occupation and doing all that he could to help his fellow countrymen, he asked himself what might be the greatest service he could render to humankind in the twenty-first century. The answer he received was to lay the groundwork for a new science of meaning to complement the already existing sciences of measurement available to humankind since the Enlightenment. He devised in seed fashion a formational-informational approach to help people process their everyday experiences, to show them how to integrate their core values and creeds with what they had to do in the working places of family, church, and society. Now, many years later, we are privileged to continue this breakthrough work at our beautiful Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality headquartered in Pittsburgh with branch campuses in Indianapolis and Dublin, Ireland.


On a post-graduate basis, in affiliation with the Association of Theological Schools, and as a non-profit entity under the umbrella of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, we are dedicated to preparing teachers, chaplains, doctors, nurses, caregivers and leaders in numerous faith groupings to learn the art and discipline of connecting what one believes with how one lives from birth to death. Graduates of our programs testify to how this course of study enables them to find the meaning behind their story with its joys and sorrows, its limits and blessings. To ensure the future of this one-of-a-kind school of faith formation is a most worthy goal, well worth the giving.